Canon Releases Firmware Updates For 1Dn Mark II, EOS 5D and EOS 30D

Canon has just released firmware updates for the 1Dn Mark ii, EOS 5D and EOS 30D digital cameras. The 1Dn Mark II gets firmware version 1.0.4 which fixes an exposure problem with focusing screen Wc-S, and also corrects a problem with monochrome images. The EOS 5D gets firmware version 1.0.5 which fixes a problem in which the shutter could not be released using the 5D, 85.1.2 and Speedlite 580 EX combination. The EOS 30D firmware is a re-release of version 1.0.4 to correct a Chinese language issue.

The releases can be download here: 1Dn Mark II, EOS 5D and EOS 30D.