Professional-Grade Photo Recovery with ImageRecall 2.0

Winchester, Hampshire, UK —June 22, 2004— ImageRecall announces the European availability of ImageRecall 2.0, a professional-grade photo recovery program that retrieves lost images, data and sound files from flash memory cards. According to the Photo Marketing Association, Europe overtook the Americas during 2003 as the world’s largest market for digital cameras, accounting for 36 percent of all units sold. This increasing popularity can be attributed to recent improvements in picture resolution that make it possible to take digital photos that are the same quality as film. Unlike film however, digital images are subject to losses from accidental deletions, reformatting and random corruptions. With more dependence than ever on digital film for keepsake images and professional shoots, losing digital pictures can be devastating.

“Today, lost digital images have replaced the nightmare of ruined film and photolab developing disasters,” according to Kevin Bordley from ImageRecall. “We want to offer Europe’s professional and amateur digital photographers piece of mind that their valuable photos can be saved in most cases.”

“ I went to my wife’s retirement party (after 38 years on the job) to record the event with my digital camera. Imagine my horror when I went to download the images, only to find that there were “No Images” on the CF Card, “ recounts Dennis Musgrove. “I searched the Internet and found “ImageRecall.” All the images have now been recovered! My wife no longer wants to divorce/kill me! The software is so easy to use.”

Not only does ImageRecall 2.0 offer users a simple interface and an easy three-step recovery process, it also includes new advanced features not found in any other single software recovery package. This includes CD Writer that allows users to save recovered photos directly to CD; Card Check that tests memory cards for errors; and Secure Erase that completely deletes all data from memory cards.

Availability and Pricing
ImageRecall 2.0 is available now from the ImageRecall Web site ( in both Mac and PC versions. ImageRecall can be downloaded as either a free trial or a full version for £ 24.99, and can also be ordered on CD. The product is also available through retail stores including Jessops and a network of European distributors in the following countries: