Canon 1D Mark II

Canon Releases New Firmware Updates For 1D Mark II and 1DS Mark II DSLR's

Canon has just released firmware update 1.2.3 for the 1D Mark II and 1.1.3 for the 1Ds Mark II. Both releases are said to correct the problem of pressing the DISPLAY button right after shooting images that resulted in an abnormal display which caused the camera to freeze.

Canon 1D Mark II Firmware Update 1.03 Released

Canon has released firmware update for the Canon EOS 1d Mark II. According to Canon, the firmware fixes/improves the following problems: 1) Added new funtions for communicating with the Speedlite 580EX 2) Reduced noise when shooting bulb exposures 3) Fixed sensor-cleaning operations. The new firmware update can be downloaded here.

Canon Releases 1D Mark II Firmware Upgrade 1.02

Canon has just released a firmware upgrade 1.02 for the 1D Mark II digital camera. The upgrade addresses the following issues:

1) The screen becoming magenta-colored when shooting bulb exposures
2) The values being cleared when C.Fn-06 is set to “2” and the battery is removed
3) Improves image quality of NTSC video output

The new firmware is available for download here:

Canon 1D MK II and Canon 1D Hands On Comparison

Canon 1D And Canon 1D Mark II Hands On Comparison

By Jason Stoller

After shooting the 1D for a little over 2 years I was very anxious when the 1D MK II was announced and I could not wait to get it and compare it to the 1D. The 1D MK II was a camera that represented to me that best of what the 1D could offer as well as some much needed extra resolution that the 1Ds along with some added extras designed to make the 1D MK II more versatile and valuable to the photographer who can use and appreciate the features.

Canon 1D Mark II Sports High ISO Impressions

Canon 1D Mark II = New Opportunties

The first question that needs to be answered before adding any new piece of gear to your arsenal is "can the new piece of gear get shots that I can't currently get?" The anticipation and hype over the Canon EOS 1D Mark II is at a boiling point to say the least. To a lot of prospective Mark II owners the great attraction is the supposed marked improvement in high ISO performance over the original Canon 1D. To a lot of shooters, myself included, more megapixels is nice, but the Mark II would have to offer quite a bit for me to upgrade from my current 1D's.

Test charts and brick wall tests are great and serve a purpose, but I wanted to test the camera in a known working environment. I took the 1D Mark II for a spin at Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians, AAA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. When shooting at Victory Field at night, common practice is to try your best to get your shots in at dusk. Noise levels, even on the 1D were generally not adequate to get good quality shots. Well, the Canon 1D Mark II has changed all that. This camera offers new opportunities for low light photographers. The results were astounding and beyond my expectations. I'm sure you'd rather see some here you go.

1600 ISO

Canon 1D Mark II Jason Stoller Samples (Canon 1D Shot)

Canon 1D shot for comparison purposes. Copyright Jason Stoller

Canon 1D Mark II Jason Stoller Samples (Canon 1D Shot)

Canon 1D shot for comparison purposes. Copyright Jason Stoller

Canon 1D Mark II Jason Stollar Samples (Canon 1D Shot)

Canon 1D shot for comparison purposes. Copyright Jason Stoller

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